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Medical Weight Loss

At D’vine Medical Spa, we are here to focus on your health; you deserve to look and feel your best!

We help you loose weight with proven programs that work. It’s essential to pay attention to what your body is telling; and that’s exactly the goal of our weight reduction therapy. Reducing your weight and developing a plan to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle are what our nutritionist Nicole Karrat will be offering you. Nicole provides her patients with individualized education and tools to guide them toward their weight loss and physical fitness goals. We are proud to introduce Belviq an FDA-approved prescription weight-loss medication that, when used with diet and exercise, can help you lose weight and keep it off. Belviq helps you feel satisfied with less food by targeting a hunger receptor in the brain. Our physician, Dr.Macaron will prescribe Belviq and Nicole will provide you with a reduced-calorie diet together they will help you achieve your weight reduction goal with monthly counseling meetings.


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