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There’s no need to let frown lines, crow’s feet or a furrowed brow keep you in that permanently “concerned” look. A simple quick in-office visit, during your lunch break for example, will wipe away years of stress and aging, soften your appearance so you look younger and refreshed without surgery or scars.

The botulinumtoxinA blocks the chemical signals from the nerves that
stimulate muscles to contract. BotulinumToxinA in the form of Botox or
Dysport is carefully injected into the muscles that cause these wrinkles. The muscles start to relax in 2-3 days and full effect in 7-10 days for Dysport injections.It takes Botox 5-7 days for the initial improvement and up to a full 2 weeks for full effect. Results vary for each individual and typically last 3-4 months.
These injections are performed by our highly trained staff to ensure that you get the proper dose and the proper injection technique during your
treatment. These neuromodulators help relax facial wrinkling, smooth out
fine lines, relax the squint between eyebrows, and relax “crows feet” wrinkles aside the eyes preventing them from becoming more prominent.

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