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vitamin drip


“Your Life, just Better.”

IV vitamins are a safe and effective way to deliver nutrients fast directly into your bloodstream. It has a 100% absorption rate for maximum effect and minimal waste. The dose amount of vitamins that is delivered for your body’s use is 12-fold when administered intravenously versus taking supplements orally.

Vitamins and nutrients are essential parts of the body to stay well. Our multiple Vitamindrip cocktails can help you detoxify, recover, replenish, and overcome the effects of a long work week, long flight, cold or the flu, or an accumulation of sleepless nights and much more. Vitamindrips make a great addition to your next treatment!
At D’Vine medical Spa, we take our time to listen to your concerns and administer the best custom Vitamindrip to address all areas of concern. We also offer booster shots such as Vitamin B12 (known to increase metabolism and energy), Vitamin D, Glutathione (one of the most important amino acids to help detox and cleanse the body), Immunity support, and fat metabolism lipotropic injections AKA MICC or Skinny Shots. A Healthy outside starts with a healthy inside!